Professional Dog Walking Service - Downtown Los Angeles

"The adventures of downtown can be challenging when walking this kind of dog. Brad took over this duty with grace and experience, never having a problem with having full control of Porkchop. He was also willing to accommodate to Porkchop's situation and made time to walk him individually to keep him and other dogs safe; this is VERY hard to come by."

KL, Porkchop.

"Walka Walka services have saved me countless times. I can't recommend Brad and his services enough. It's quality, loving, dependable care. I couldn't ask for more."

JP, Monster & Gatsby.

"I know while I am away our pup is safe, happy and well taken care of by Walka Walka. Living in Downtown Los Angeles has been a great experience and having and exceptional dog walker only enhances our lives and that of our dog."

SS, Nala.

"If there were more stars I would give it to him - Walka Walka is truly the best."

SS, Ally.

"If you live in the downtown area, Brad and his team are the dog walkers you must choose. Walka Walka is a pure stand-out in every respect - from their love of animals, to their professionalism, to their availability, to their timeliness, to their responsiveness, to their pricing . . . I could go on and on. I have now moved out of downtown, but I still use Brad for overnights because he is by far the best dog walker and sitter I have ever had. He loves my dogs as his own, and my dogs love him."

MS, Sophie & Simon.